Service Category: Applications & Content Acceleration

Parkirin from TELKOMSEL

Parkirin is a parking directory application that allows users to get:

  1. Parking availability information in the parking directory
  2. Online Parking Reservation before entering the building’s parking lot which has two methods of payment, using TCASH and Coupon
  3. Building facility information (Operation Hours, TCASH merchant, Valet, Location, Toilet, Musholla and TCASH Merchant Promotion)

This application is free to download, user will be charged when making parking reservation. For the time being, parking reservation can only be made at the same date (current date) at any time following car park operational time and reservation only for Telkomsel number.
For further information visit: telkomsel.com/parkirin.

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Product / Service Category: Interconnection & Connectivity

Telkomsel WiFi

Telkomsel WiFi application is an application launched by Telkomsel (PT. Telecommunication Cellular) that make it easier to use the service Telkomsel Telkomsel WiFi. This application is smart and will automatically connect to the customer device Telkomsel WiFi network (SSID flashzone-seamless) when customers are within range of a WiFi hotspot Telkomsel. Customers also can purchase WiFi Data Package through this application, and check the location WiFi Access Point of Telkomsel in Indonesia.
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