As a provider of mobile services, it is critical to your business success to deliver low latency, high capacity services to your growing user base. In order to achieve this, your mobile architecture must be regionally distributed closer to end users to ease congestion over backhaul lines. Platform Advantel™ enables the optimal architecture for wireless providers. With our regional network of network-neutral, interconnection-rich data centers, we provide the ideal solution for regionally distributing high volumes of traffic closer to your subscribers.

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Get closer to your users and partners.

With our experiences and platforms you can:

  • Improve performance by connecting directly to the world’s leading mobile and wireline networks.
  • Reduce latency and increase user satisfaction by connecting directly to popular applications and content, including social networking, audio and video, advertising and email.
  • Deliver end-to-end enablement (mash-ups) by connecting directly to value chain partners.
  • Rely on global data center capacity in global markets to ensure your operations can scale.
  • Localize traffic within the largest consumer markets globally.
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